SignCut Offline is a version of SignCut Pro 1 that runs on a dongle which serves as a USB security key. 

This is a small device, similar to your regular thumb drive, that you simply plug into your USB port to access SignCut. SignCut will then recognize it and lets you use the program without the need for any other license. 


SignCut Offline, as it is called, lets you work on SignCut Pro 1/X2 without an internet connection, as long as the dongle is plugged into the computer. It is also a one-time purchase with no limit on license transfers.

 Since it acts as a physical key, the dongle needs to be shipped to you in the mail. Should you proceed with a purchase of the SignCut Offline dongle, please contact us and we will extend your existing license number temporarily until it arrives. If you do not have a license number, we will create one for you. Please be reminded that these temporary licenses will require your SignCut Pro 1/X2 to be in constant connection to the internet so kindly make sure that this is available for the meantime.  

 Please note:
The SignCut Offline dongle is only compatible with SignCut X2(older version of SignCut) and SignCut Pro 1. It is not compatible with SignCut Pro 2 and it doesn't work on Mac Power PC.