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How do I transfers my Pro 1 license to a new computer?

First, open SignCut on your current machine, click the help menu and choose "About SignCut". Then copy your license number and save it so you can enter it to SignCut on your new computer.

Then you'll have to download the software to your new computer, downloads are accessible here. Then you need to install SignCut to your new computer. Then, you enter your license number. SignCut will verify the license and transfer to the new computer automatically.
SignCut checks a unique hardware number on your computer to verify your license.

Should you run the software on the original machine it transfers back, and as the maximum amount of transfers per license purchase is five times, this could make your license invalid and make SignCut go into test mode again. To avoid this, please remove SignCut from the secondary machine. Should you need to use SignCut on more than one machine you will need to either purchase a second license or use our Dongle (hardware key version) The dongle can be purchased

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