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How do I install the SignCut Pro 1 export plugins for Adobe Illustrator?

Our available Pro 1 plugins can be found here.

Installation Procedure for Windows

1. Start Adobe Illustrator

2. Open the About Illustrator section in the Help menu. 

3. Take note of your AI's version number and if it is a 32 or 64-bit version. 

4. Close both Illustrator and SignCut.

5. Download the correct plugin version from this link

6. Extract the downloaded zip folder. 

7. Look for the folder name that matches your Illustrator version.

8. Copy the file named SignCut.aip to the Adobe Illustrator's Extensions folder located under 

C:\Program Files\Adobe Illustrator (your version number)\Plug-ins\Extensions 

9. Restart Illustrator and find the Send to SignCut Pro 1 option under the File menu.

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