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How do I share my cutter on the network? (Windows only)

To setup a shared cutter with SignCut follow the steps below. The process can be a bit different depending on your Windows version.
1. On the computer where the cutter is connected, go to Control Panel and click "Devices and Printers". In the dialogue that opens click "Add printer".
2. Select "Add a local printer".
3. Choose "Use an existing port" and in the drop-down list select the correct port for your device and click "Next". Normally the cutter shows up under "Com and LPT ports" in the device manager and you can there see which is the correct option for your cutter.
4. In most cases, your computer will want to search for the device. If you have the option "Device is not in list" click it, if not wait for the search to finish. You will need to add it manually. Choose the Manufacturer "Generic" and the Model "Generic / Text Only" and click "Next"
5. In the next step, you name your cutter. This is the name you will choose in the Output device port list in SignCut later. Click "Next"
6. In this step, you choose "Share your cutter in the network so others can find and use it". Click "Next"
7. In this step, you will be told that your cutter has been added. Do not make it the default printer or print the test page since you have a cutter and not a printer and it will not be able to read the data sent to it. Click "Finish" and your cutter should show up to other computers using SignCut in the same network.
8. On the other computers using SignCut you now click "Cutter" in the settings menu and select your shared cutting plotter in the device output list. Now when you cut out the data will be sent to the shared cutter.

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