There are many things that can cause communication issues between a cutting plotter and computer. Here are the most common ones.

 Memory buffer.

Your cutter has a built in memory which processes the data before cutting it out after receiving it from SignCut. Sometimes this memory gets full if the machine doesn't clear it properly. This sometimes makes the cutter stop or start doing random cuts. If the cutter manages to empty the space it then goes back to cut the new data but the cut has been destroyed. We have a setting in SignCut that in some cases solves this. If you click Cutter in the settings menu in SignCut and then set the curve resolution to around 50% This will reduce the amount of data sent to the cutter. It will not effect the cutting result as it only removes unnecessary nodes in the file.

 Communication loss.

Depending on if you have a desktop or a laptop computer, there are a few things to think of. 

Desktop - Make sure the cutter is connected to the back of the cutter as those USB slots has a higher amperage which makes the connection with the cutter more stable. 

Laptop - Make sure the cutter is not connected to a USB 3.0 slot. Most cutters do not have support for it and it effects the connection between the cutter and computer.

 USB-chip or USB-driver.

Make sure you have the latest USB-driver for your cutting plotter installed and that it is compatible with your operating system. Normally you get the proper driver together with your cutting plotter on a CD or the reseller should have it available on their website for download. If you can't find it you can always ask us and we will try to help you locate it.

 If none of these steps solved the communication issues you are experiencing then we recommend that you use a more stable connection between your cutter and computer then the USB-connection.

 We recommend that you use a serial cable with a serial to USB adapter with a FTDI-chip in the adapter since it is a more reliable USB-chip. We've tested it with good results. FTDI serial to USB adapters are available online through Ebay or Amazon and also in some local hardware stores.

 We recommend you to not get an adapter with a USB chip that uses the Prolific driver as it isn't as reliable. If you want to check if you have found a good adapter you can consult one of our agents in our livechat.