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I can't find my baud rate or BR

You can test which baud rate your cutting plotter uses by following these steps. The setting can be found in the cutter dialogue (click settings then cutter in SignCut) This setting needs to match the value the cutting plotter is set to in order for the communication and cutting to work.


- Start SignCut and your cutting plotter.

- Open a file for test cutting in SignCut.

- Set baud to 9600 and click the scissor icon and then cut out.


If the cutting plotter doesn't start cutting do the following.


- Restart your cutting plotter and SignCut if needed. 

- Change Baud in SignCut to 19200 and again click Cut out.


If still no luck, repeat the last procedure and change baud to 38400 and next time 56700.


One of these values should work if the correct communication driver for the cutter is installed, and the correct manufacturer, cutter model, and output are selected. 

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