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How do I extend my license?

You can extend your license in our webshop. Click on the period you want and then enter your license number and email address. Then add to cart. Once in the cart you can review your order and click "Proceed to Checkout". 

- In the first checkout step you select "Checkout" and continue.
- In the second step you enter your personal information.
- In the third step you see that we use Paypal for payment, click continue.
- In the fourth step and final step you review the terms and conditions and then click "Place order". 

That will take you to Paypal where you pay for your subscription. Once paid the license will be extended automatically and only a restart of SignCut should be necessary.
If you prefer you can also visit our Livechat and request that we send a manual invoice from PayPal. Your extension will then be added when the payment has been received.

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