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How much is the price for SignCut?

You can see all our prices and options for SignCut Pro 1 in our webshop here. The price per day changes depending on which extension you choose to purchase. The longer the period purchased, the lower the price per day you pay.

You can also purchase our SignCut Lifetime dongle which is a one-time purchase.

Please note: We no longer offer trial licenses for SignCut Pro 1 but if you would like to try the latest version of SignCut, (Pro 2, and SignCut DRAW) you can download a free 3 week trial here. 

Click the download button for your  operating system (Mac or Windows). No license is needed, just install and activate the trial. Once installed, you can see the pricing for Pro 2 by clicking account, then select purchase extension. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us through our livechat or email us at 

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