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SignCut is in test mode even if I bought an extension?

If SignCut hasn't gone out of test mode, start with making sure that your computer running SignCut has a working internet connection. If it is connected and but still doesn't update, then you can click "Change license" in the help menu in SignCut then re-enter your license which will force SignCut to update the expiration date.

If it still doesn't update, then please contact our livechat or email us at and give us your PayPal transaction ID for the purchase and your license number and we will check why it hasn't gone through yet.

Normally your license is extended within a few seconds from when your purchase has cleared and only a restart of SignCut is necessary for it to work, but sometimes PayPal takes a little bit longer informing us about your payment. As soon as the message about payment has reached our system the extension is done automatically within a few seconds.

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