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What are your Live Chat opening hours?

The opening hours for our Live Chat are as follow.

Central European Time
Monday: 9-13, 14-21, 22-01

Tuesday:9-13, 14-21, 22-01
Wednesday: 9-13, 14-21, 22-01
Thursday: 9-13, 14-21, 22-01
Friday: 9-13, 14-21, 22-01
Saturday: Closed
Sunday:  Closed

If this isn't the time zone you use you can convert it here. We have added the time zone we refer to above so just search for your nearest biggest city and you will see our opening hours in your time zone.

Central Time Zone (USA)
Monday: 2AM-6AM,  7AM-2PM,  3PM-6PM (closed due to presidents day 2018-02-19)
Tuesday: 2AM-6AM,  7AM-2PM,  3PM-6PM
Wednesday: 2AM-6AM,  7AM-2PM,  3PM-6PM
Thursday: 2AM-6AM,  7AM-2PM,  3PM-6PM
Friday: 2AM-6AM,  7AM-2PM,  3PM-6PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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