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SignCut Draw Mac export

We are currently working on improving SignCut Draw for Mac users. At the moment we have included SignCut Draw in SignCut PRO 2 but as a separate installation which you can download here.

One of the features that isn't finalized is the export between SignCut Draw and SignCut PRO 2. It isn't automatic as on Windows, but there is still an export plugin available. To activate it do the following:

1. Open the Application folder and locate the SignCut icon.
2. Right-click on the SignCut icon and click on "Get info".
3. Select "Open in 32-bit mode".
4. Restart SignCut

The export plugin from SignCut Draw will now work.  To export, click on the Knife icon in SignCut Draw. Then switch over to SignCut and click the Import button.

If you prefer you can also save your files manually in SignCut Draw as AI-, SVG- or EPS- format and open the file directly in SignCut. To save them, click "Export" in the file menu in SignCut Draw.

Please keep in mind that this version is still in a beta mode and our support is doing their best to help you but we do not take responsibility for any kind of loss or any kind of refund based upon SignCut Draw not working in your production environment.

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