First, open SignCut on your current machine, click on the Help menu, and choose About SignCut. A window will open containing your license number. Please note it down so you can enter it on your new computer.




Now, kindly proceed to your new computer and download SignCut Pro 1. Installers depending on your operating system are accessible here. Once installed, launch the program and it will prompt you to enter your license number. Please input the license you have noted down and hit Enter. SignCut will then verify the license and transfer it to the new computer automatically.

Since SignCut checks a unique hardware number on your computer to verify the license, if you run the software on the original machine again, it transfers back. Each transfer made will count as a "license transfer" so please be wary of this. The maximum amount of transfers per license purchase is up to five times only and exceeding this could invalidate your license number and make SignCut run into test mode again. 


To avoid this, please remove SignCut from the secondary machine. Should you need to use SignCut on more than one computer, we recommend that you migrate to SignCut Pro 2 and purchase the subscription that will allow you to use your account on two to four computers or purchase our SignCut Dongle (hardware key version) instead.


To know more about SignCut Pro 2 and its pricing, please access our website here. If you'd like to purchase a dongle, you may access our webshop here