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Can I use SignCut Pro 2 on more than one computer?

The Student & Home version can only be used on one computer. If you need to transfer your Student & Home subscription to a new computer, please contact our support at or visit our live chat to get assistance from one of our support agents. (Our support agent will need your SID number or the email address used to register for SignCut Pro 2 account to complete the transfer.)

If you are subscribed to our Standard or Premium edition, you have the privilege to use 2 or 4 computers respectively, under a single subscription. To add a computer to your existing subscription, a master account is needed. If you do not have a master account yet, you will need to create one on the computer where the subscription was purchased by following the steps in this video tutorial. 

Once a master account has been created, may proceed to do the steps in this video tutorial to link or unlink computers to your subscription/account.

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