You cannot use your Pro 1 license in SignCut Pro 2 but you may move your existing Pro 1 license subscription to Pro 2 instead. This is a process called "migration" by which a purchase of at least one month for Pro 2 is required.

This needs to be done in order to specify the version of Pro 2 you wish to use.

1. Student & Home, 1 Computer, Max width of 18" (~46 cm)

2. Standard, 2 Computers, Max width of 48" (~122 cm)  

3. Premium, 4 Computers, No size limitation


To purchase a Pro 2 subscription, you need to have Pro 2 installed as purchases are done in-app. You can download a free 3-week trial here and click the download link for your operating system (Mac or Windows). No license is needed, just install and activate the trial.


To purchase a subscription once installed, click Account, then select Purchase Extension.


The purchased time will be added to the free 3-week subscription (if unused) and once the payment has been made you can migrate your Pro 1 license subscription by clicking Account in Pro 2 then select My Account. Here's a video to guide you in the migration process. 


If you are unable to access your SignCut Pro 2's My Account section, please send us an e-mail at containing the following information and we will migrate your subscription manually: 

1. Pro 1 license number (To locate your license, click on Help then select About SignCut. A window will pop-up displaying your license.)

2. Pro 2 SID number (To locate your SID Number, click on Help, select About SignCut and then double click on Build. A window will pop-up containing your SID number. )

3. PayPal Transaction ID of your Pro 2 subscription payment