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I have installed SignCut Pro 2. Where do I begin? (Beginner's guide to SignCut Pro 2)

Welcome to the SignCut family! It all starts with establishing the communication between your cutter and the program. You will find a Start-Up Guide* within the program that should aid in setting up the plotter easily.

*The Start-Up Guide is available for Pro 2 version 1.479 and higher.

Incase the start-up guide is not available in your current Pro 2 version, please open SignCut and click on the Cutter button and enter your cutting plotter's Manufacturer, Cutter (model), and Output Device.



If you aren't sure which output device to choose, please refer to the following instructions to make sure that you are 

using the correct communication settings:

 1. Unplug the cutter,

2. Restart SignCut Pro 2.

3. Click on the Cutter button

4. Click on the Output Device/Port's drop-down menu and take note of the options listed

5. Plug the cutter back in and turn the power on. 

6. Close the Cutter dialogue and open it again. Check the Output Device/Port section and a new port option should now appear. This is the port for your cutter, please select it. 

7. Walk over to your cutting plotter and look for a setting in the display called Baud or BR and check what value it is set to. 

8. Go back to your computer and enter the same value in SignCut's Cutter dialogue. 

The communication should now be correct. To make a test cut, select the red layer of the SignCut logo by clicking the red button on the color panel on the right side of your Pro 2 screen. 



If no new output option shows up it means that you have to install the communication driver for your cutting plotter. You should have received it together with your cutter on a CD or it should be available on the website of the reseller or the manufacturer of your machine. 

If you cannot find the correct driver, some cutters have driver links provided on the Cutter Information section of Pro 2. You may also refer to our driver download page here


You may proceed to import your own design for cutting by clicking on the Folder icon or through the File menu -> Open.

Please make sure that your files are properly vectorized before opening in SignCut. The application will only be able to support the following files: 

1. SignCut (.sc)
2. SignCut Pro 2 (scpro2)
3. Ai - Adobe Illustrator (.ai) - Best format to use in Illustrator 8 version Exporting Format: Illustrator 8
4. EPS - Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
5. PS - Postscript (.ps)
6. CDR - Corel Draw (.cdr)
7. PDF - Portable Document Format (.pdf)
8. SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg)
9 EMF - Enhanced Windows Metafile (.emf)
11. DXF - Autocad Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf)
12. HPGL - Hewlett Packard Graphic Language (.plt)
13. RTF - Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Now, you are all set! If you wish to know more about SignCut and its features, you may visit our Youtube Channel here.

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