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How do I add and save multiple cutter models as presets in SignCut Pro 2?

To add and save multiple cutter setups in SignCut Pro 2, please follow these steps:

- Click the Settings menu then Cutter, in the dialogue box that opens up, enter the settings for your first cutter.
- Once you've done this, click the Preset tab in the same dialogue box and name your cutter (e.g. 'Cutter 1' or the brand/model name of it) and click the Save button.
- Click the Cutter tab in the same dialogue box and enter the settings of your second cutter.
- Click the Preset tab next and save your second cutter. You can add as many cutters as you want.
- Once done, click the OK button to close the dialogue box.

Now, when you click on the Scissor/Blade icon to cut out your design you have a drop-down list of your cutters, and you can choose which cutter to send your job to.

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