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Illustrator plugins for Catalina update (Mac)

Unfortunately the new Apple security updates with Catalina have caused our export plugins to no longer work properly. If you are affected by this problem, please send your name and email address to us at and we will notify you once the problem has been resolved. You will also automatically get a message directly in SignCut once the next update is available if you have not disable that option. 

There are a few solutions in a meantime to get around this problem: 

1. Save manually and open file from inside SignCut

Save your file in Illustrator manually by clicking "Save as" in the File menu. Select the Ai format and click "Save". In the AI-dialog that open up select "Illustrator 8" as version and click "Ok". Open SignCut and click the File menu and select "Open". Browse for your file and select it. Here is a video tutorial that shows the process:

2. Save manually and use import button in SignCut

Export your files from Illustrator using the Export or Save As option in the File menu. In the export/save as window, choose the location you want to export your file to. (You can also create a new folder by Right Clicking in the destination, then click New, select Folder and name it) You will need to export/save your file as Ai format with Illustrator 8 selected as the save version. 

Once the file has been exported, open SignCut and click the Settings menu and select Settings.
In the settings window, click on the Default Folders icon then search for the folder you exported your file to in the open field. (Make sure to enable the option "Use default open folder as import folder" 

Once that has been done you can use the import button to open the last file saved to the selected folder.

3. Disable gatekeeper and use plugin
Disable gatekeeper completely on your Mac by using terminal on each startup. Then use the plugin as you normally would. (This option has been reported to work for some users) 

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