Yes, there are two ways to transfer your subscription: 


A.) If you can still access the computer where your account is registered, kindly install Pro 2 on your new computer and then head back to your old computer's Pro 2 account and refer to the following steps:

1. Click the Account menu

2. Click Transfer Account


3. Select From This Computer (a code will appear; take note of this)


On your new computer, follow steps 1 & 2 and then select To This Computer and then enter the code. 
If needed, Pro 2 can be downloaded from our website at this link.

Your subscription should transfer successfully thereafter and only a restart is necessary to update the account on your new computer's Pro 2. You may also Revalidate Account through the Account menu to ensure that the expiration date will be updated. 


B.) If your old computer is inaccessible, we can transfer your subscription manually as an alternative. Please provide the following details for a manual transfer:

1. Old account's email address
2. New Computer's Pro 2 SID Number
3. New account's registered email address
 E-mail it to with the subject: PRO 2 – TRANSFER SUBSCRIPTION

Not sure where to find your SID number? Please open SignCut, then click Help, then select About SignCut and then double click on Build 0.1.4XX.

Please note that when transferring your subscription, the recurring payment can not be included in the transfer. It is best that you cancel the recurring payment on your first computer and then sign up for it again once the subscription expires on the second computer.