You have the option to pay via Paypal or bank transfer if your country does not support PayPal. 


With PayPal, you can either pay using:

1. Your PayPal account with a debit or credit card linked to it

2. Send Money option and use your existing PayPal fund or 

3. The guest check-out option to pay without signing up for a PayPal account and simply use your debit or credit           card 


  • To purchase a subscription plan using options 1 or 3, please follow the instructions below.

* Make sure to uncheck the "Make a recurring payment" option if you're paying as a guest or you do not          have an existing PayPal account. 


  • Next, choose the Pro 2 subscription plan that you want to purchase and then click Purchase.


Select which mode of payment to proceed with: Pay using your PayPal Account or click Checkout as Guest (Pay with Debit or Credit Card). 


If you Checkout as Guest, you will need to provide all your personal information and then click Pay Now. 


Once done, please re-validate your account by opening SignCut Pro 2  and click Account, then select Re-validate account to update the subscription, then it should be ready to use. You can verify the expiration date by clicking Help, then select About SignCut