Yes. However, your office's WIFI router must be set up to allow the Spooler in receiving data over the internet. 

1. Go to the computer where the Spooler is installed.

2. Connect to your internet router administration. 

3. On the router's DHCP Setting, set the Static IP Address (this ensures a fixed IP address for the Spooler computer.) 

Pro Tip: To get your Spooler computer's current IP address, you may go to the website 

4. Setup IP-forwarding route to allow incoming SignCut Pro 2 cut-out jobs from outside network. 

5. Start the Spooler and let this be active all the time on your computer. 

Please remember to disable the power-saving mode or putting the computer to sleep at X amount of time. You may also need to allow the Spooler application in your computer's firewall to receive incoming traffic and/or enable port 3500. 

Pro Tip: For a sustainable solution, you may look into using a dynamic-DNS service such as or similar since your assigned ISP address may change at any time.