This is likely related to PayPal's upgraded security measure before we released Pro 2 v. 1.484 and 1.485. Please know that this concern is already addressed in our latest installer. Kindly do a clean reinstallation by closing both SignCut Pro 2 and SignCut Draw then uninstall through your Programs and Features (WIN) or Application section (MAC).

Once done, reinstall SignCut from here and try to renew again. If reinstallation must be done at a later time, users may opt for either of the following ways in extending their subscriptions:

1. Look for your SignCut Pro 2 Unique (SID) ID and add it at the end of this link,

Copy and paste the full link to open the payment page on your web browser. 


Pro 2 ID:XXXXX64584784321687461687642XXXXX

Your payment link will be - 

Once your payment completes, just restart your Pro 2 and your subscription will be updated thereafter. 

2. Request a manual PayPal invoice via email at or LiveChat with this information:

PayPal email address (if any): ____________

SignCut Pro 2 registered email address (if different from your PayPal email): _____________________
SignCut Pro 2 Subscription and Period to be purchased: (e.g. Standard - One year)

SignCut Pro 2 SID number: ________________________________

3. Create a Master Account and proceed to purchase within your Master Account. 

If you haven't created one yet, here's a link to guide you with the process.  

We hope that the above options will help you easily navigate the payment troubles. If the issue persists, we encourage you to approach our cheerful support agents for assistance via Live Chat at 

Thanks for your continued patronage and have a pleasant day!